Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stories that Touch your Heart

Leann Harris here. It always nice to have a book you've done reenforced from the outside. The book that's out now, Redemption Ranch, (or in the next couple of weeks) is about Tyler Lynch, a Iraqi vet who is so closed down that his dog is only creature he wants to talk to.

Now, I almost never watch the evening news, but last week, there was a teaser at the end of one of the few programs I watch. Thursday I love 'Person of Interest' and 'The Mentalist". So at the end of The Mentalist, a promo came on for a story about a veteran who got a dog from Pets2vets. The dog in the story was a Boston Terrier. My puppy was a Boston and I couldn't resist watching the news.

Below is the link. Enjoy.

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