Friday, March 2, 2012

Excerpt – Shades of Truth by Sandra Orchard

Sandra Orchard here, with an excerpt from my March Love Inspired Suspense, Shades of Truth, which just released in Eformat and will hit retail store shelves in a little more than a week!!! 


Kim’s expression hardened. “I was thinking about the damage that rumors of a hit and run by a former resident would do to the manor. I don’t expect you to understand, Ethan. You’ve only been here a day. You couldn’t possibly care about the manor’s survival the way I do.”
The woman was as loyal and compassionate as they came. How could he have suspected her of trying to protect a drug dealer?
“I’m sorry, Kim. I was out of line. Believe me, I want to help you.” More importantly, he wanted to get her out of here before the police connected her—or him—to the shooting. The last thing he needed was a cop unraveling his cover. “Come, on, I’ll drive you home.”
In the meantime, he needed descriptions of the kids vandalizing Kim’s car, because chances were good one of them shot Blake, or had seen who did. And Ethan needed to talk to them before the wrong cop got to them. Or Kim.
Witnesses in this case had a bad habit of showing up dead.
Excerpt of Chapter One:

Sandra again...

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