Friday, December 11, 2015

Novellas, Quick Reads and Fun for Busy Readers

The Holidays are approaching fast. Thanksgiving is past though I hope we are all still praising the Lord for His many gifts. The New Year will be here before we know it. But the favorite time of year for most of us is Christmas.

My home is decorated, gifts purchased and plans made, but I'm still trying to finish a new LI proposal--three more novels for the Lilac Series that began this year--and I'm reading a novel that I wish I had time to finish. I try to squeeze in a few chapters a day.

For those who love to read and get as frustrated as I do, consider reading novellas this time of year. They are shorter but still exciting stories that can satisfy the reader.

A novella runs from 25-40 thousand words which is about half a novel. Though they are not as complex, readers still have the pleasure of  enjoying t a man and woman falling in love.
Two of my most recent novellas are available now and one is perfect for Christmas

Yuletide Treasures
Livy Schuler thinks she has her life planned. But visiting the Mandalay family at Christmas with her young nephew introduces her to new traditions and a new way life. From her cousin Helen and the secret gift of two hearts bound as one which Livy's brother asked her to deliver to Helen, she learns the true meaning of love. Can she let her plans fade to explore the possibility of a love ever after?

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Apple Blossom Daze
When Julie Johnson hears a male voice from her past, she doesn't recognize her childhood friend Adam Wright, who played tag or hide and seek in their grandparents' yards. Years have passed and their lives have changed. Both single, they talk over the fence about solutions to their widowed grandparents'  loneliness. They come up with a plan to play matchmaker, but the solution doesn't go as they had planned and it leaves them with new problems and an ending they hadn't expected. 

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Churchill by Leann Harris

Growing up, I loved Winston Churchill. Okay, I was a weird child, but that's part of being a writer. Recently, I started an on-line class on Winston Churchill from Hillsdale College. My Indie book, THE LAST TRUTH, was set in WWII, and I've been researching Churchill. I loved learning about him. He was a man who stepped up in the crisis and lead. Churchill created the Special Operations Executive 1940-1946, who sent spies into occupied Europe. The instant I learned about SOE, story ideas exploded in my head. WWII is a time period unique in the book world. I think it's considered historical, but then things are changing so quickly that I'm not sure. I enjoyed writing in that time period and plan to do more books.
I wanted to mention what happened in California. My prayers are with the people who lived through the situation.