Thursday, December 3, 2015

Churchill by Leann Harris

Growing up, I loved Winston Churchill. Okay, I was a weird child, but that's part of being a writer. Recently, I started an on-line class on Winston Churchill from Hillsdale College. My Indie book, THE LAST TRUTH, was set in WWII, and I've been researching Churchill. I loved learning about him. He was a man who stepped up in the crisis and lead. Churchill created the Special Operations Executive 1940-1946, who sent spies into occupied Europe. The instant I learned about SOE, story ideas exploded in my head. WWII is a time period unique in the book world. I think it's considered historical, but then things are changing so quickly that I'm not sure. I enjoyed writing in that time period and plan to do more books.
I wanted to mention what happened in California. My prayers are with the people who lived through the situation.


Jennifer said...

Hi Leann, I hope you well? That is so sad with what happened in California. Just breaks ones heart.
Churchill and hearing about spies sounds very intriguing. jenny

Jackie Smith said...

Yes, it is so sad what happened in CA!

Merry Christmas Leann and Jennifer!

Unknown said...

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Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas Jackie and Leann!