Sunday, September 28, 2008

ACFW conference memories-different slant

I have posted other blogs about ACFW conference where I discussed all the things I did and people I met at the conference. But I also went to the Mall of America on Thursday morning before the conference started to see it. I only had a few hours to cover the place and didn't get to see it all.

I am not normally a person who likes to go shopping much. It is exhausting to shop. EEK! And the holiday season is coming. I'm gonna have to pace myself.

Anyway, I thought it was neat for a large shopping mall. And I mean large! Four stories of stores. In the middle on the lower floor was an amusement park for the kids and adults who like to ride rides. If I had had more time I would have been on one of those rides. They had several roller coasters and I love roller coasters.

Another place that interested me was the Lego store next to the amusement park. They had big works of "art" made out of legos. My son used to love to build things with legos. I have posted a few pictures of things made out of legos throughout this blog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

eHarlequin delivery!

I just love getting books! As I mentioned in my CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog today I got a shipment of books from I'm always excited when I get a package of books and I wasted no time getting started reading Margaret Daley's October 2008 release Foresaken Canyon. I'm loving the book and actually wish the presidential debate wasn't on tonight so I can finish reading. (Truth be known, I'll probably have the book in my lap and read during commercials.) You'll want to keep checking CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense to see the character interviews for the book. In fact, make sure you check back each week because Terri Reed is interviewing a character from each Love Inspired Suspense book for the month!

The shipment of books reminded me that eHarlequin is still having their 100,000 book challenge. So if you've read a book recently, go over to and posts your books. If eHarlequin hits the magic number of books at the end of the year, they will donate 100,000 books to literacy. It's a great cause, so give the gift of books just by reading a book and posting a review at!

My crock pot is also working overtime these days. I've been posting my favorite recipes on my post at CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense so make sure you stop over and check that out. Why am I such a big fan of the crock pot? Aside from being Italian and my joy of feeding people, I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant. I have tons of cookbooks and thankfully my family is very receptive to me trying out new recipes!

I've been in synopsis mode and I have to gush about one of my favorite reference books! Pam McCutcheon's Writing the Fiction Synopsis is by far my favorite book on how to write a good synopsis. You'll want to stop by the Gryphon Books for Writers website to check out what they have.

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Artful Question

This blog may not agree with some of you out there. I'm usually the kind of person who likes warm fuzzy blogs, but today this one isn't going to be like that.
So read on at your own peril.
Both The United States and Canada are facing national elections, but here in Canada, one of our issues is arts funding.
I live near an excellent university and because of that, I have ample opportunity to enjoy their arts' programs. I love them.
In some ways, I, too, am an artist, a writer who is blessed enough to get paid for her work.
But here in Canada, we have people saying more funding must go into our arts and culture program.
Stop a moment. We also have gun violence in Toronto, an Arctic in crisis, and the working poor whose children are going hungry. We have natives who struggle to survive, and a country with a wildly growing dependence on fossil fuels.
Canada also has a global conscience, seeing the poor of other countries, the oppressed and those suffering under terrorist regimes. Canada has a responsibility to support those countries who want to end the global crises.
How can I sit in a comfortable seat in an auditorium enjoying the arts when this is happening? How can I justify saying that my government should support these programs when the burden of helping our own Canadians and the poor around the world is so great?
Some people may say that this is our culture, to have quality music, fine visual arts, and incredible talent.
No. When our poor and our native populations and environment are in crisis, this becomes our culture.
Our culture is our poor, and oppressed, and how we deal with them.
How we deal with the less fortunate is the true measure of ourselves. How are we dealing with them? It's not just a nationally elected body's responsibility, but an individual responsibility, too. How am I helping the poor, the environment, our supply of fresh drinking water?
How are you? What are you, personally, doing to change the culture that has been thrust upon us in the world's eyes?
Let us be able to watch that symphonic band's newest recital with a clear conscience.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm thrilled that my book, THE CHRISTMAS KITE, is being re-issued from Steeple Hill in mass market size. It was published in 2003 in trade book but since it is more expensive, I'm excited to know that my readers can purchase the book at a lower cost and even use it for Christmas gifts. This is my novel that was discovered by Larry Levinson, Emmy winning producer, and optioned for a Hallmark TV movie. The option ran out so no movie was made, but I am honored that they thought my book worthy to invest in as a possible film. I hope you enjoy viewing this preview of the book to be in stores on September 28 -- wherever books are sold.

Monday, September 8, 2008

100,000 Book Challenge-for Literacy!

Are you getting read to read your fall books? If you'd like to have your fall reading count in another important way. Drop by and register. Harlequin is hosting a 100,000 Book Challenge. Every book read and briefly reviewed counts toward a book giveaway to a national literacy group. Drop by and click on 100,000 Book Challenge and read the details. Your reading could put books into the hands of others.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for sorting things out...

Autumn is always a time to take stock in things. I've sorted out drawers and closests. (Still have a ways to go.) And I've checked through my bookshelf and donated books that I know I won't read and no longer have room for. In the process I found a LOT of reference books on writing and just blogged about two of my favorites on the CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog. I also pulled out my crock pot and started reviewing some recipes to help me get through my writing schedule. I've posted a recipe at the CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog as well, so make sure you pop on over and check it out.

We're still having our monthly contest. Read a post in September, make a comment on the blog and you'll be entered in a drawing to get all 4 Love Inspired Suspense books for the month of September.

Many blessings,
Lisa Mondello

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've climbed a mountain

Quite literally, folks. And it was awful. Brutal, painful, dangerous to an old wimp like me, but in an odd way, it was good. I'm glad I did it. I saw stunning scenery, and pushed myself to the very limit. I prayed and God answered my prayers. We all made it up and down safely.

It was only Mount Katahdin, in Maine, but we climbed from about 500 feet above sea level to near 5,000 feet.

I learned to trust God and myself and better understand what the Apostle Paul said about perservering. I'm proud of myself.

I'm only just getting the feeling back in my legs, but hey, I'm still proud!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I did over Labor Day weekend

Over the holiday weekend we went to Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon where we rented a cabin with another family. The fresh air smelled crisp with the scent of pine and the peaceful noise of nature lulled me to sleep at night. During the day we took the tramway to the top of the peak where we hiked and took in the awe inspiring views. My kids and I took a trail ride on horses up the side of the mountain which left me sore and grateful we don't have to ride horses everyday. The kids caught trout in the lake and at night we'd shine flash lights on the creek water and see the red Kokanee fish wiggling about. The night sky was incredible with the stars shining so bright and visible. There's also a fun center near the lake with go-karts, a volleyball net, basketball hoops and miniature golf. The nearest town to the lake is Joseph, a quaint place with interesting shops and resturants. We have friends that live in near by Enterprise and they came over to the lake and we have a great time visiting with them which our family agreed was the highlight of the trip.