Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for sorting things out...

Autumn is always a time to take stock in things. I've sorted out drawers and closests. (Still have a ways to go.) And I've checked through my bookshelf and donated books that I know I won't read and no longer have room for. In the process I found a LOT of reference books on writing and just blogged about two of my favorites on the CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog. I also pulled out my crock pot and started reviewing some recipes to help me get through my writing schedule. I've posted a recipe at the CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog as well, so make sure you pop on over and check it out.

We're still having our monthly contest. Read a post in September, make a comment on the blog and you'll be entered in a drawing to get all 4 Love Inspired Suspense books for the month of September.

Many blessings,
Lisa Mondello


Marta Perry said...

You're so right, Lisa. What is it about that crisp feeling in the air that makes me want to sort and clean and get organized? Maybe it's a holdover from school days!


The McPeeks said...

I know the feeling. It makes me want to bake cookies and make soup and clean out things like a mad woman. However, in the south there is very few days of "cool" weather so that limits the soup days. :)