Friday, September 26, 2008

eHarlequin delivery!

I just love getting books! As I mentioned in my CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blog today I got a shipment of books from I'm always excited when I get a package of books and I wasted no time getting started reading Margaret Daley's October 2008 release Foresaken Canyon. I'm loving the book and actually wish the presidential debate wasn't on tonight so I can finish reading. (Truth be known, I'll probably have the book in my lap and read during commercials.) You'll want to keep checking CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense to see the character interviews for the book. In fact, make sure you check back each week because Terri Reed is interviewing a character from each Love Inspired Suspense book for the month!

The shipment of books reminded me that eHarlequin is still having their 100,000 book challenge. So if you've read a book recently, go over to and posts your books. If eHarlequin hits the magic number of books at the end of the year, they will donate 100,000 books to literacy. It's a great cause, so give the gift of books just by reading a book and posting a review at!

My crock pot is also working overtime these days. I've been posting my favorite recipes on my post at CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense so make sure you stop over and check that out. Why am I such a big fan of the crock pot? Aside from being Italian and my joy of feeding people, I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant. I have tons of cookbooks and thankfully my family is very receptive to me trying out new recipes!

I've been in synopsis mode and I have to gush about one of my favorite reference books! Pam McCutcheon's Writing the Fiction Synopsis is by far my favorite book on how to write a good synopsis. You'll want to stop by the Gryphon Books for Writers website to check out what they have.

Until next time, many blessings, Lisa Mondello

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