Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I did over Labor Day weekend

Over the holiday weekend we went to Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon where we rented a cabin with another family. The fresh air smelled crisp with the scent of pine and the peaceful noise of nature lulled me to sleep at night. During the day we took the tramway to the top of the peak where we hiked and took in the awe inspiring views. My kids and I took a trail ride on horses up the side of the mountain which left me sore and grateful we don't have to ride horses everyday. The kids caught trout in the lake and at night we'd shine flash lights on the creek water and see the red Kokanee fish wiggling about. The night sky was incredible with the stars shining so bright and visible. There's also a fun center near the lake with go-karts, a volleyball net, basketball hoops and miniature golf. The nearest town to the lake is Joseph, a quaint place with interesting shops and resturants. We have friends that live in near by Enterprise and they came over to the lake and we have a great time visiting with them which our family agreed was the highlight of the trip.


Anita Mae Draper said...

I love the Rockies! Some of our best vacations have been travelling through the Icefield Parkway beteen Jasper and Banff in the Cdn Rockies.

Just looking at your photos reminded me of riding the gondola and then sitting on the side of the mountain overlooking Jasper.

Thanks for the memory.

Mystery and Mayhem said...

I love the Rockies, too. I did a similar thing last week, but we tented in an unserviced site, and walked everywhere.

Terri Reed said...

I've never been to the Rockies and would love to see them. I am going to talk with my hubby about taking a vacation in Colorado. I have family there and he has some friends. I'll have to look up Jasper.
Thanks for the suggestion.
By the way Anita Mae, did you realize you'd won the monthly drawing over at Ladies of Suspense blogspot for July?

Barbara, kudos to you for sleeping in a tent. Not something I have done since childhood nor care to. I like Yurts or Cabins. My husband jokes that his idea of roughing it is going someplace with out hotel reservations.

Ausjenny said...

oh how pretty. im going to Canada in about a week and cant wait to see the mountains. I will be near Whistler for a few days.

Marta Perry said...

Beautiful photos, Terri. You're building some terrific memories!