Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Romantic Hot Air Balloon Adventure

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Hi from Gail Gaymer Martin

Writers of romance love romance, but another thing they want to do is experience the wonderful adventures that they put into their novels. A hot air balloon ride was my dream. Although I have a fear of heights, I trusted God to give me courage, and He not only gave me courage, he filled me with awe at the beauty and fresh air, as we rode about the earth in a wicker basket.

I had no idea how huge the balloons are, but I know now. Seven stories high -- so what keeps us in the air is seven stories of hot air bound in a cloth balloon. Amazing.

We floated up one mile high and could see distant cities -- like Detroit and Ann Arbor, even my neighboring city Southfield. Michigan is loaded with lakes and this one is Kensington Park. You can see the sailboats and it's surrounded by beaches.

With so many lakes, one pleasure we had was to view our reflection in the water. This lake happens to have lily pads - but if you look carefully, you can see the basket right in the center.

Our landing was an adventure in itself, and if you'd like to see more beautiful photos and hear about our amazing landing, you can visit and enjoy the full story.

Romance writers do anything to write a wonderful book filled with romantic experiences.


Janet Tronstad said...

Gail -- What a wonderful adventure! I've never done that, but a;ways have thought it looks great.


Marta Perry said...

I absolutely love the photos. I wonder if I'd be brave enough to do that? Hmmm.