Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wishing I'd thought of that title

I'm trying to think of a couple of new titles for book proposals in my Dry Creek series. I freely confess that I struggle trying to find clever, compelling (sometimes even adequate) titles. And then I see other people's titles and wish I had them. So I sat down and thought of titles I covet -- some of the one's I like are the serial ones, like the numerial Stephanie Plum titles and the woman who does the alphabet mysteries. I think of all of the book titles they get with that one clever idea. And then I flashed on 'Gone With the Wind' which has to be up there in terms of titles that are remembered and I look at it and think what does it even mean? Whoever thought of that? How about you and your favorite titles?


Preacher's Wife said...


I think I read one time that Evanovich held a contest for naming one of her 'Plum' books. You might have fun trying that. Just a thought.

Preacher's Wife

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Janet. I entered one of Cheryl Wyatt's contests a few weeks ago when she was looking for a title. Another author had a similar contest a few months ago but I can't remember who it was.

In both the above, they asked for titles and if your name was picked by the editor, you'd get a free copy of the book if I remember correctly.

They would give a short blurb what the book was about, the location, etc, and we'd guess away.

Donna Alward just did something similar on her blog when she was looking for a visual photo of her heroine.

I found out about all these contests first from eharl threads and then the authors would refer you to their blogs or websites.

Janet Tronstad said...

Preacher's Wife and Anita Mae -- Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry it took me some time to respond -- I've been out of town.