Monday, August 11, 2008

RWA conference--the people

This is a video of some of the people I saw at the RWA conference in San Francisco. As you can see most of them are Love Inspired authors.

First frame is of Margaret Daley (me) and Laura Marie Altom (left to right) at the Golden Gate Bridge (the wind was freezing). The second one is of Winnie Griggs and me in a small town outside San Francisco. Third frame is at Muir Redwood Forest with Winnie, Lynn, me and Laura. The fourth one is of the Craftie Ladies of Suspense--minus Cara Putman who couldn't make RWA this year. The fifth frame is of Kit, me and Jillian Hart at the booksigning. The sixth frame is of Linda Goodnight who won the Rita Award for her Love Inspired, Debbie Clopton, who won the Bookseller's Best Award, Irene Hannon, myself and Winnie. The next one is of Debby Giusti who won the Daphne Award and me who won the Inspirational Romance Readers Contest. The eighth through the tenth frame is of the eHarlequin pajama party. The eleventh through the thirteenth frame is dinner at the Jazz Club before the Harlequin party. The last frames were of the Harlequin party with people such as Allie Pleiter, Judy Baer, Gail Martin, Missy Tippins, Dana Corbit and Janet Dean. I'm sorry I can't put captions on the program I have. The very last frame is the Craftie Ladies of Suspense at the party. From the back at the left are Pamela Tracy, Roxanne Rustand, and Debby Giusti. In the from at the left is Lisa Mondello, Terri Reed and myself.

I spent some time sightseeing San Francisco which is a wonderful city with a lot to see--more than I could in a week's time. If you want to see some of the sights I went to, I have a video up at my blog. Check it out at I went to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Muir Redwood Forest, Napa Valley, the Golden Gate Park where I saw the Japanese Tea garden and enjoyed some tea, a street that is so crooked you have to crept down it in your car (gorgeous place) and of course, Chinatown.

Also I have some pictures up at Craftie Ladies of Suspense blog which I'm a member of. We are seven Love Inspired Suspense authors who blog about suspense books and what's going on with us. Every month we have a drawing for the four LIS books out and draw from the people who leave comments that month. So if you want to be entered in the drawing, visit the site and leave a comment with your email address.

In the above video I show some pictures of those places but mostly they are of functions I did at the conference--like the booksigning for literacy (RWA raised thousands of dollars for the cause), the pajama party eHarlequin sponsors every year, various dinners with friends, and the Harlequin party where I get my year's worth of dancing in on a crowded dance floor filled with women (great exercise).

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Marta Perry said...

Great job with the videos, Margaret. I'm afraid I'm technology-challenged!

I'm having some problems, so I hope I didn't end up posting this twice.

Marta Perry