Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reader and Writer Opportunities

The Seekers (L to R): Debby Giusti, Sandra Lee Smith, Julie
Lessman, Mary Connealy, Cara Lynn James, Myra Johnson,
Ruth Logan Herne, Audra Harders and Janet Dean
By Debby Giusti
This week is packed with fun opportunities for writers and readers alike.  Writers--and those folks who want to hang out with writers or learn more about how to craft a story--are challenging themselves to write a book in a month-long event called SpeedBo, AKA Speed Book, hosted by www.seekerville.blogspot.com.

Haven't been to Seekerville? The 13 Christian authors who host the blog provide great information about writing and publishing.  Since I'm one of the authors, I may be biased, but we do have a lot of fun, serve cyber-food that's always delicious and calorie free, talk about the latest trends and tips and techniques in publishing and support one another as we all try to perfect our craft and turn out better stories.  Plus, during March, we're pushing forward to write page after page after page until we eventually end up with a full-length manuscript.

Another reason to visit Seekerville?  We always have prizes.  During SpeedBo, the giveaways will be writing related, but at other times, we give at least one book away a day.  You'll find some of your favorite Love Inspired authors in Seekerville: Tina Radcliffe, Missy Tippens, Ruth Logan Herne, Glynna Kaye, Janet Dean, Audra Harders, as well as yours truly, Debby Giusti.

A fun event for readers this week is Barbara Vey's 5th Annual Birthday Bash, which celebrates the success of her Publishers Weekly romance blog, www.BeyondHerBook.com. Barbara's goal in life is to connect readers and writers, and her blog helps do just that.  Stop by to wish Barbara continued success, and you'll be entered in drawings for hundreds of books she's giving away this week.

On Wednesday, the Seekerville authors are hosting the party on Barbara's blog, donating numerous books and giving away a KINDLE FIRE. Thursday is inspirational genre day so you'll find many of the Love Inspired authors celebrating with Barbara.  No matter when you stop by and leave a comment, you'll have a chance to win.

FYI: Barbara is hosting a Readers' Appreciation Luncheon on April 10, at the Oak Creek Community Center, in Oak Creek, WI, and you're invited. Check out the information at: http://www.barbaraveyreaders.com

Happy Birthday, Barbara!  Good luck to all the SpeedBo writers!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

THE OFFICER'S SECRET and THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION, the first two stories in Debby's Military Investigations series, are still available in paper or e-book.  THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER will be out in August, and THE GENERAL'S SECRETARY follows in January.  Each story stands alone so the books can be read in any order.                                                                            

THE CAPTAIN'S MISSION was nominated for The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence!  

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