Monday, March 5, 2012

Allie Pleiter on cake or pie?

It's a deceptively simple question.

Granted, it's entirely fueled by the fact that I just got home from Shreveport Louisiana where I spoke at the NOLAStars Written in the Stars romance writers conference.  Several other LI, LISuspense, and LIHistorical authors were there.  It was my first trip to Louisianna since attending the RWA conference in New Orleans several years ago, too.

I'll remember the lovely hospitality.  The people who called me "ma'am"--you just don't get that in Chicago.  The fact that it wasn't snowing there--oh, do you get that in Chicago.  The wonderful readers and writers I met while at the conference.  The truly outstanding yarn store I visited and interviewed for my DestiKNITions blog.

And the Strawn's pie.

Now, Pleiters are no slouches when it comes to desert appreciation.  There's a good a friend made my son a 7-kind-of-chocolate cake many times during his illness.  I have to admit, however, that I'd always thought of myself as a cake person.  I had also--for reasons I can't even name--figured the world came in cake people and pie people.  Doesn't the phrase "cake person" and "pie person" just bring up a different image for you?  Isn't it funny how our brains classify people for the silliest of reasons?

I had lots of pie during my visit.  Three slices in four days, to be exact (I hear the treadmill calling my name today).   And I've decided I just might be BOTH a cake person AND a pie person.  After all, they both go very well with coffee, and I MOST DEFINITELY am a coffee person.

What about you?  Cake or pie?  Which flavors are your favorite?  I'll start...chocolate cake and lemon meringue pie top my list. 

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