Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi there! Dana Corbit here. In our family, the day after Thanksgiving is the signal for the Christmas season to begin. That means no decorations will be brought out, no Christmas music will be played and no wish lists will be slipped into my possession until that Friday morning. But on that day, we leap into the season with both feet.

Usually my husband and daughters begin by wrestling together the pieces of our reluctant artificial Christmas tree. When that and the ordeal of the lights is over, we play holiday music - mostly Elvis and Amy Grant, sip eggnog and hang pieces from my precious collection of handmade, dated and inherited ornaments.

So what did I do this year instead of following all of our fun traditions?
I painted the family room.

Why, you ask, did I want to mess up the house just before Christmas? They seemed like good reasons at the time. I'd just finished a book, so I had a little time. Also, if we didn't start this job on the "To-Do List" before we decorated, then it would be on the list yet another month.

I figured I would paint the walls this buttery tan "Lair de Lune" color, and we would have the decorations up by Sunday night.

A few days and a case of the flu later and here I sit on Tuesday, literally in the middle of the family room where the furniture remains, since the walls still need a second coat. This will teach me for messing with holiday traditions.

How important are Christmas traditions in your family? In my December book, His Christmas Bride, the second title in the Wedding Bell Blessings trilogy, Jenna Scott and Dylan Warren join their families as they attempt to form joint holiday traditions, but they find true Christmas blessings only when they try to make the season brighter for someone else.

Well, it's back to painting. Maybe I'll have that wreath above the mantel by New Year's.


Stephanie Newton said...

We're usually last minute decorators because of travels, but this year everyone was at our house, so I was able to get the tree up and everything looking like Christmas!

Hugs on the flu bug! Hope you get back in the swing of things soon.

Ramona Richards said...

Dana, I can relate. I'm about to stall decorating and start painting an accent wall in my living room because I bought myself an early Christmas present (a photo print from an amazing young photographer) and it needs a new background. I just hope I don't share the flu with you. That's not a tradition I want to start!

Hope you get past that soon, so you can finish filling your home with the sights of the season.