Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greetings from Lenora. It's here. Christmas is coming! It snowed in Louisiana last week. Here it was just a pretty scattering of snowflakes but I'd had a bad week. I didn't have much Christmas Spirit. The minute I looked out the window and saw that silent snow falling to the earth, my attitude changed and I begin decorating for the holidays. Our minister talked about not letting anyone steal your Christmas joy. And that's exactly what I'd been doing--allowing others to steal my joy. But not anymore. I will guard my joy with praise and thanks for the reason for this wonderful season. I won't let the stress of trying to find the perfect tree, or trying to prepare the perfect meal steal my joy. After all, I'm not Martha Stewart. I will try to bake sugar cookies and eat too many of them while watching Christmas movies on Lifetime and the Hallmark channel. I won't let deadlines take away my lifeline. I will try to balance work with my joy and tell myself how blessed I am to have the kind of job that allows me to play make-believe all day long and actually get paid for it! What a marvelous, glorious, wonderful time of year it is!

And I'm just getting started, people. C'mon, tell me what you love about Christmas!

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