Monday, December 21, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas Surprise

My name is Victoria Bylin. I write westerns for Love Inspired Historicals. Christmas is just a few days away, so I thought I'd share a special gift the Lord gave me this month.

Some of you know this year has been rough. Among other things, my mom passed away after a long illness. I've spent a lot of time going down memory lane while looking at childhood pictures, etc.. I used to spend hours with my books, especially Walter Farley's Black Stallion series. All of this has been coming back at me big time.

To add to the craziness, my husband and I decided to make a big change. With the kids grown up and on their own, we sold our house in northern Virginia and moved to Lexington, Kentucky, "the Thoroughbred Capital of the World." The Lord gave me an wonderful surprise here in Lexington. The house we bought--a tract home in the suburbs--backs to a farm for retired racehorses. Every few days or so, the horses show up at our fence. This morning my husband and I fed them carrots and peppermint.

If someone had told me a year ago I'd be feeding carrots to racehorses in my backyard, I'd have thought they were nuts. You never know what God's going to do! No matter your circumstances, be encouraged! We worship an awesome God. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!


Mae Nunn said...

Victoria, that is cool, cool, cool! God is so amazing, blessing and comforting us in ways we cannot begin to fathom! Merry Christmas!

Project Journal said...

That's so cool, Victoria!! God definitely works in mysterious ways...

Merry Christmas!

Victoria Bylin said...

Hi Mae, Hi Hannah! Thanks for stopping by. I just got back from the grocery store. Along with the fixings for Christmas dinner, I bought a 5-lb bag of carrots for the horses : )

Project Journal said...

Sounds like Santa's going to be good to them this year ; )