Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friends at Christmas

Christmas has been so busy I can't believe December is halfway over. It seems you get together with friends more at Christmas. Last night I went to our bridge group's Christmas party (picture above--I'm in front second from the right in a black sweatshirt and jeans). The food was delicious and the company even better. Next week I will meet with my critique group for our Christmas party we have every year. I also got together with some teachers I taught with for many years last weekend. It was so nice to see them. What are some special parties you've gone to this month?

In the middle of all this madness, I hope you'll have time to stop by tomorrow, December 16th at eHarlequin for the Steeple Hill open house (all day). Check out the authors who will be participating in it from Steeple Hill Love Inspired lines at:

Have a blessed and safe Christmas and New Year.


Project Journal said...

I can't believe it's halfway over either Margaret!! It really stinks : ( December is one of the best times of the year, just because of the spirit!

I'll have to check this event out tomorrow. Do you need to have a log-in/account? I don't have one on Eharlequin...

Margaret Daley said...

I think you need an account but it is easy to set up.
There should be some giveaways, too.

Project Journal said...

Okay, sounds cool!