Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas. This is Leann. I wanted to share with you some of the funny memories I have of Christmas. When my children were young, my daughter could not wait for Christmas morning to see the gifts that Santa brought. She would manage to hide a flashlight in her room and once we were asleep, she scope out what gifts were under the tree. Several times she got my son, who is younger, to help her with her scouting missions.

Then she'd show up in mom and dad's bedroom about 5 AM. We could put her off until maybe about 6:30, but that was the latest we could get away with.

She's grown now, but in her teen she found a recipe for pumpkin pancakes. This was something we had to have on Christmas morning. (She's big on tradition.) Now that she'd married, she serves pumpkin pancakes on Christmas morning to her husband. This year pumpkin is in short supply. (Have you tried to find canned pumpkin?) But you can bet, she found pumpkin. The can bug was enough for pancakes and a pie.

Here's wishing you the best Christmas.

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