Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Hey y'all! Stephanie Newton Camy yesterday, I'm thinking about the New Year. I love new stuff! I especially love getting a fresh, shiny notebook, all those clean pages filled with possibility. The new year is like that--365 blank pages that hold the promise of adventure, creativity, heartbreak, love, and contentment (and more).

I'm excited about turning the page of my--new :)--datebook and beginning 2010. I have some goals for 2010, goals like lose weight and be better at time management. I have a plan to make those more likely to happen...but my biggest goal is not to lose sight of what really matters in the busyness of life. To take the time to laugh with my kids, to enjoy my husband, and to grow deeper in relationship with my Lord. These are the things that really bring me joy.

Best wishes to all of you for a joy-filled 2010!
With love,

Smoke Screen, Stephanie Newton's newest book in the Emerald coast 911 series will be in retail stores January 12. For more information about Stephanie or her other books, check out her website at


Project Journal said...

Hey Steph!
I have a question...does Smokescreen have to be read in order? Do I have to read the other 2 first? Because I don't have them(though I do want to read them, lol!), but I REALLY wanna read this one.

Ughhhhh! The new year....all it does is bring thoughts of graduation filling my head : /

Stephanie Newton said...

Hi Hannah,
Smokescreen can be read without reading the others. The books are in a series, but they're also stand alone. Thanks for asking!

Congrats on your senior year! Graduation will be here before you know it!!!


Project Journal said...

Ughhhh! Don't remind me : P

Okay, that's GREAT to hear! The cover alone intrigues me : )
Talk to you later,