Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas from Carrie.

I wanted to share a special Christmas memory with you.

My husband never "officially" proposed to me. Our conversations about getting married just evolved and then one day we went shopping, looked at rings and bought one. I knew I loved him, and I was sure he was the one for me, but I always felt a little disappointed that he didn't plan a romantic proposal, especially when other couples shared their proposal stories. So one Christmas morning, with all the family gathered around the Christmas tree, he knelt in front of me, declared his love, and asked me to be his wife for the rest of my life. He also gave me a beautiful diamond ring to replace my wedding ring since I had lost the diamond out of my original ring a few months earlier. I was so touched and surprised I could hardly speak. Of course, I finally found my voice, said yes, and kissed him to the cheering of our kids who were then ages 15 - 21. So now I have a proposal story to share and a beautiful Christmas memory.

I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas with those you love!


Mystery and Mayhem said...

Lovely story, Carrie. Thank you so much for sharing this

Project Journal said...

Awwww! How sweet : ) And this way he knew he wouldn't be turned down!! ; )

Carrie Turansky said...

Thanks, friends! Yes, He is a sweetheart, and I am blessed!

Terri L. Gillespie said...

Oh Carrie, I love this sweet story. Thank you for sharing this.

Pat Davids said...

What a wonderful story. What a great guy. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Barbara, your story reminds me that my hubby and I shopped for my ring in the downtown LA diamond district. He hadn't proposed. We bought the ring. Finally, out the really ugly parking lot - parking lots in LA are not a pretty sight - I suggested he should propose.
He did! We're past our 48th anniversary now and still counting.
Thanks for the memories.
Charlotte Carter

Mae Nunn said...

What a lovely story for a beautiful couple!