Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas from Sunny Arizona

Pamela Tracy here, and yes we do get cold in Sunny Arizona, but it's a calm kind of cold. hehehe. Anyhoo, this past Friday I went to a Christmas party and we sang all the old songs. It was great fun. There was one song that was meant just for us. It was called Winter Wonderland - Arizona style. I'm thinking that you non-zonies have been deprived of this tune and I need to make amends. So, here it goes.

Feel free to sing while you read.

Palm trees wave, are you listening'?
In the pool, water's glistenin',
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Livin' in a Phoenix Wonderland.

Gone away is the blizzard,
Here to stay is the lizard,
A warm sunny day; we like it that way,
Livin' in a Phoenix wonderland.

In the desert we will have a picnic,
Cactus, sand, rattlesnakes, and sun.
Christmas dinner is an old tradition,
It's pinto beans and tacos by the ton.

Later on we'll perspire,
Temperatures will rise even higher,
A warm sunny day, we like it that way,
Livin' in a Phoenix Wonderland.

Keep humming those Christmas tunes and Merry Christmas!


Mae Nunn said...

LOVE the sing along! Could you hear me all the way from Georgia!

Project Journal said...

Ha ha ha...very funny! : P We have about a foot of snow here in Vermont and expecting more tomorrow night! Lol...very clever song though...

Hey Mae!!

Pamela Tracy said...

Personally, I think everyone should make up their own version and have it fit their state. I could do one for Nebraska which is my home state. I'm a zonie transplant.

Project Journal said...

Lol..."zonie transplant"....!!

That's a very cool idea!!

Okay, I'll tell you...I had a cavity filled at the dentist today. It was during commenting on YOUR post that I've just realized I'm almost all un-numbed! LOL! Seriously though, it's been 3 1/2 hours and still somewhat numb!