Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blessed Christmas - Valerie Hansen

I had a post written. Honest, I did. But it was just as well that it went into computer-land limbo because I said a lot of the same things that I'd said early in Dec. I find that amazing and very enlightening because it shows me that I have a lot more work to do forgiving the people in my past. Perhaps that's why, no matter how my stories start out, they always end up featuring a facet of forgiveness. God knows exactly what He's doing! And another interesting thing is that I can get letters from readers, citing the same book, and find that they've gotten different impressions from the text. That's all the Lord. Not me.

We who write for Love Inspired are doubly blessed. Once, when we write the books, and again when we hear from readers who have been entertained and brought closer to Jesus while enjoying a good story. It's what we do. And in a way it's who we are. Because we are so different as Christians and human beings, we can reach out to a widely divergent audience and share with them our Christian walk as well as the lessons we've already learned, sometimes the hard way.

And it all started with the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas,

Valerie Hansen

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