Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories

Hello from Sandra Robbins!

It’s the Monday after Christmas, and I’m trying to figure out where the time went. For weeks I’ve been getting ready for the big day, and all too soon it was over. I have to say, though, that I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed Christmas as much as I did this year.

Christmas morning was hectic with eighteen family members descending on my house for breakfast and exchanging of gifts. The laughter of my loved ones filled my ears, and I was so thankful we could be together.

Of course a big part of Christmas is gift giving, but we always emphasize the true meaning of Christmas before we tear into the packages under the tree. As my family gathered in the living room after breakfast, we followed the tradition that my father started many years ago. We read the story of Jesus birth to remind us all that on that first Christmas God gave us the greatest gift of all—His son.

After a prayer of thanks, it was time to open the brightly colored packages piled underneath the tree. During this time, I like to watch everyone open their gifts, but I couldn’t have guessed how I would react when I opened one of mine.

My oldest daughter gave me a gift this year that I will treasure. This past summer my Yorkshire terrier Belle died. She had been my constant companion for the past fourteen years, and I miss her every day. She followed me everywhere and lay at my feet any time I was writing. To my surprise on Christmas morning my daughter gave me a painting of Belle, and of course I cried. But I’ve decided the only place to hang it is over my desk so that I can glance at her from time to time just as I used to do.

As the day drew to a close, I was filled with a warm glow as I tucked away the events of that day for memories in the future. Now it’s time for a new year and a chance to make new memories. My prayer is that each one of you will have a wonderful 2010.


Project Journal said...

Thanks Sandra! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, which is, well, wonderful!! : ) I'm sorry about Belle. Did I just miss it or what kind of dog was she?

When do you have another book coming out??? I LOVED Final Warning! It was my first LIS book and it gave me a fantastic greeting to them. I even wrote my first review on Amazon for your book. I am ready for another, so I thought I'd ask : )

Sandra Robbins said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for the wonderful review you posted on Amazon. I had wished I could thank the person who wrote it, and now I get to do that.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Final Warning. My next LIS book comes out in April. Its title is Mountain Peril, and it is set on a college campus in the Appalachian Mountains. In this one a killer resurfaces after 8 years, and it is up to the Dean of Students and a handsome detective to stop him.

Then I have another one releasing near Christmas next year. Its title is Yuletide Defender and deals with a crusading newspaper reporter and a policeman who try to stop a vigilante's attempt to spark an all-out war between rival gangs in the city.

I hope you will like those, too. And btw, Belle was a Yorkshire terrier.

Thanks for leaving a comment.


Project Journal said...

Awww...a Yorkie! Very cute!!

That sounds REALLY good! However, since I'll be headed to college next year...maybe I don't want to read it ; ) I will definitely!