Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Creative Focus

Good morning, Jenna Mindel here. 
Last night, my husband and I watched a really good documentary on the rock group Kansas.  They were big when I was kid, and I remember my brother had a couple of their records.  I'm showing my age here as I grew up in the days of real record albums!  But who doesn't remember that amazing song Dust in the Wind? Revisiting that particular music group, I was struck by how talented they were.  Like seriously talented.

And that got me to thinking how we were created in the image of our Creator.  When we make something out of nothing, we imitate Him.  And yet making something really good, honors Him.

One comment made at the end of the show was that throughout their journey from fledgling unknowns to mega success, Kansas was always all about the music.  Oh, to be so focused! 

As an author, I often struggle with self-doubt.  Am I good enough?  Comparing my journey to others can be creatively deadly.  And way far off the right focus. 
I create, because I was created.  And because I love romantic stories.  
My hope is that I've made good stories that honor my Creator.  Through it all, I want my focus to remain on pleasing God.  But it's not always easy.

In what ways do you seek to honor God in what you've made?


Jennifer said...

hi Jenna, I make cookies for my family to enjoy and I am grateful that God has given me that gift. Jenny

Shirley said...

I invested 25 years if my life homeschooling our 5 children. Teaching them not only the "3 R"s but hopefully how to use the gifts God has given them. The best hardest thing I ever did!

Jenna Mindel said...

Oh bless you!! I love homebaked cookies, but I am the most inconsisent baker I know.... sometimes it works - but most time's it doesn't. LOL. :)

Jenna Mindel said...

Thanks for stopping by. Wow, that's amazing - I really admire those that homeschool. God Bless!

Have a great day.

Jennifer said...

Jenna it has taken 10 years to perfect chocolate chip cookies and snicker doodles and I've just started messing with oatmeal cookies. :) Jenny