Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Look at Timber Theft

Leigh Bale here!  We don't usually think about timber theft, do we?  I mean, trees grow all over the world.  So, how do we "steal" a tree?  But imagine how you'd feel if you came home one day and someone had cut down the trees on your property.  Or if someone went into the forest where you'd camped and fished as a child and cut down all the trees.  It's the topic of my new book that's out right now titled THE FOREST RANGER'S RESCUE.  Forest ranger Brent Knowles has almost given up hope that his daughter, Evie, will recover from the tragedy of her mother’s death.  Then he meets caring special ed teacher Jill Russell.  Jill adores working with Evie and helping her heal.  She’s less sure about the undeniable attraction she feels for Brent.  Because Brent is investigating a timber theft, and Jill’s own brother is a suspect!  Can she reconcile her feelings when Brent has the power to destroy her family?  Brent sure hopes so.  Because Jill holds the key to his daughter’s recovery…and to his heart.

I hope you enjoy this book.  It has just a smidgeon of suspense in it as they bring the thieves to justice.  Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

Hi Leigh, All your books have the right amount suspense in them and this one book sounds just as good as the others. Jenny

Shirley said...

I have all your forest ranger books. I can't wait to read this one as well.