Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Washington DC

I just returned from a week in our country's capital.

I was there for the annual Romance Writers of America conference where I met with my editor and other fellow Love Inspired authors as well as many romance writers from the newest newbie to the seasoned pro. One of the highlights of every summer.

While in DC I went to two Smithsonian museums. The National American History museum and the National Gallery of Art.

The highlight of the American History museum was the First Ladies exhibition. Seeing the beautiful gowns, trinkets, silverware and invitations that commemorate the first ladies of our country was wonderful. I enjoyed reading the history behind each piece and seeing something that was more than a made up repleica. These were the actual items donated by the first ladies or their families.

The highlight of the Gallery of Art was the Monet's and Renior's. I could have stayed all day just staring at the paintings.

Now I'm home and back to reality. Must sit bottom in chair and fingers on keyboard. Have many projects due. Soon. Yikes!

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Carmen said...

I would love to see the First Ladies museum. Never been to DC. With a break, now your mind will be clear to finish up all those book deadlines!