Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from my first conference

Barbara Phinney here.

I've never seen so many women in one place. 2,000, maybe more, all loving romance, all wanting to advance their careers, and advance on the buffet.

I loved it. It was wonderful to meet my Love Inspired sister authors. We were able to talk about such things as our line, and where it's going, but also the Love Inspired Suspense series coming out in January. I really needed to see that these women faced the same challenges I faced with it. Well, maybe not as much as a scatter-brain like me, but you get the drift.

My main complaint was all the desserts I had to eat. (Well, I had to eat them! My parents taught me to clean my plate. And the dessert sitting next to me at the empty seat, too, but that's a moot point!)

I'm not used to such rich food. By Saturday, I had a wee bit of the old heartburn, not to mention ankles swelling like sausages in a pan of water. But I needed to soldier on, to show those conference veterans that I can schmooze and confer with the best of them. I'm proud to say I did just that.

I also discovered that I have a generic face. I look like someone they all have seen before. I got that plenty of times throughout the week, although it was my first conference. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe they'll remember Love Inspired a bit more.

I've returned to not only my son cleaning his room, and hubby making the bed so tight, you could bounce a quarter off it, but also to be told my next suspense story will be coming out in June 2010, a month after my contribution to the new continuity series due out next year.

Good news all round. And I'm glad you stopped by one this lazy summer day to visit. Please leave a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Leann Harris said...

Barbara, I've always tried to convince my husband to go with me to RWA. His response is he'd never be in a hotel with that many women.