Monday, July 6, 2009

Meeting friends this Indpendence Weekend...

A big shout out from me, Lisa Mondello, to wish you all a Happy Independence Day weekend. Okay, it's Monday and most of you celebrated your holiday on Saturday. But this year me and my family made it a weekend affair.

We started out going to one of our favorite spots to visit with the family, Bigelow Hollow State Park. There's a great pond there, barbeque pits and great swimming and rafting. A few families met there and we had a great time taking turns exploring the lake on the raft, cooking and just having great conversation. My beagle, Nike, even sat in my lap and enjoyed a good trek around the lake with me and my husband. The next night we went for ice cream with my kids and a few other friends and watched the fireworks.

The weekend wasn't all fun though. I'm still working on the final read through of my December 12/09 release for Love Inspired Suspense, Yuletide Protector. I've seen the cover and I have to say it is beautiful! As soon as I can post it, I will.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend filled with happiness with friends and family. Many blessings to you, Lisa Mondello


Jphillips1107 said...

We had family come in from out of state and we all cooked out did fireworks, played frisbee and swam. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Stephanie Newton said...

We had a great time, too. We always celebrate my daughter's birthday over the 4th of July weekend with friends, family and fireworks. We cooked burgers and of course, ate watermelon!

Project Journal said...

My family was returning from New York on Saturday. We saw a private firework show at a farm on Friday night. I was still sad that we did not get to spend THE day doing 4th of July type things, but I was stuck in the very back of a car with 6 other people in the midst of about a 6 hour drive! What can you do?!
P.S. Everyone else sounds like they had a fun time though!