Monday, July 20, 2009

What Our Characters Would Do?

Pamela Tracy here and I've been giggling about a thought for awhile now. See, last week while I was researching (what jurisdiction one county sheriff would have in a county besides his own) I stumbled upon a website that made me giggle. It was called Celebrity Tippers: Who does? Who doesn't? (I'm pretty sure I had the word tip in my keyword Google search)

The site highlighted the SAINTS: Gov. Lamar Alexander, Marcus Allen, Tim Allen, Andre Agassi, Patricia Arquette, Back Street Boys (As you can see, good tippers A - Z)

And the SCUM: Kathleen Battle, Derrick Brooks (pro football player), Senator Bryant , Jimmy Buffett (No bad tipper people with last name ending in A, how odd).
As I perused the list, I remember thinking "Oh, I wish back when I was a waitress, I'd waited on Johnny Depp (Who is apparently a good tipper) and I remembering being surprised, "What, Jimmy Buffett doesn't know how to tip! (Okay, here's the truth. I think the list is probably skewed. Every diner has a bad day! And, really, sometimes the tip reflects the service.) The end of the list had the stories, (supplied by the waiters and waitresses) which I will someday use for research for a waiter or waitress main character.
In the meantime, I started thinking... Who would be a good tipper from the LI stories? Who would I like to wait on. Here's what I came up with.

At the LI restaurant, the good tipper would be Dr. Devon Knightly from Camy Tang's LIS Deadly Intent.

At the LI restaurant, the customer most in need of a free dessert would be Garrett Bowen from Patricia Davids LIS Speed Trap.

At the LI restaurant, the person I most want cooking in the kitchen would be Dinah Hopkin's from Allie Pleiter's LI Bluegrass Blessings.

So, from the books you've read, can you add to the LI restaurant's list of needs and doers?

Pamela Tracy's next LIS Fugitive Family features Greg Bond (who is too busy running from the law to be worried about good tipping
or not
) and Lisa Jacoby (who not only would be a great tipper, but who would not leave a mess on the table and would invite the server to church!)


Jphillips1107 said...

That is kinda funny. I would never have thought to go through the books and find

Pamela Tracy said...

I worked at Red Lobster for a decade, and before that, a family owned Italian restaurant. I actually liked being a waitress. Unfortunately, I only met one famous person and I was hostessing that night and didn't get to wait on him.

Jphillips1107 said...

I waited tables at a Cracker Barrel for almost 3 years. I didn't meet anybody famous besides the local news anchor. I made decent money and loved the job. I just hated that it didn't have a set schedule.

Camy Tang said...

OMG I didn't see this until now! Pamela, this is hilarious! I'm glad you think Devon would tip well! :)