Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Storms and other woes

Hi, it's Lenora. (The picture shown here is of some of the Steeple Hill writers and our editors at RWA in Washington DC! We sure had fun.) I'm late blogging today because we had strong storms in the area and my Internet wasn't happy. Tried all morning to connect to no avail. But I'm here now and wondering why I've had such a time this month with blogging. Maybe the good Lord wants me to be to "Be still and Know that I am God." Sometimes we get in such a rush to take care of business, we forget to take care of ourselves, don't you think?

While I was traveling I missed one blog because I couldn't get service on a mountain top. Then I posted to another blog on the wrong day, even though I had it written on my calendar. This kind of mix-up upsets me because if I tell someone I will be there, then I'm there. Unless of course the creek does rise! (Which it sure did this morning here in Louisiana.) But my brain cells are a lot like the internet. They don't want to function properly these days. So today, since I finished a very crazy deadline and since I couldn't get online, I actually rested and read. Yes, rested. My bad back thanked me for that by calming down a bit. I fell asleep and woke up to find the Internet back and my brain cells rested. I guess the Lord has a way of making us slow down--the rain was nice even if it did cause havoc on the streets and with the power. But we all know the true power is in God's capable hands. Whenever we have too much on our plate, He does tell us to be still and listen and know He is
there. And really, His approval is the only approval we need. So I hope if you read this, you too will stop and take a rest. Not being able to deliver on a promise or an obligation is truly frustrating. But listening to God's gentle reminders can help us to see things in a different perspective. Oh a good note, my August release "Gift of Wonder" is out in the stores! This Love Inspired book is all about slowing down and finding God's grace. And it's set right here in Louisiana where things move a bit slower anyway. I hope some of you will find a few quiet hours to read it!

Now, I'm starving. Off to find a mid-day snack.

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