Monday, July 27, 2009

Real or nostalgic in your small towns?

This is Janet Tronstad here. You may know me from my Dry Creek series set in a fictious small town in Montana. I have debated with myself countless times over whether or not to update this fictious town and give it a harder edge.

That's why I was so pleased at the RWA conference in Washington DC to hear Janet Evanovich say her Stephanie Plum series was based on the New Jersey burg she had known growing up and not the community as it is today. I love the Stephanie Plum series where she runs into people she went to high school with and neighbors and all -- apparently, that is no longer 'real' for that location though. I'd love to know how others feel about settings that are more nostalgic than real. How do you like your small towns?


Mystery and Mayhem said...

I love small towns in stories. I can really connect with them, and they all have a wonderful flavour. It's especially nice to see that 'flavour' tranferred to paper.
Sure, nostalgia is important to our stories. In some ways, they're the very fabric of them. We evoke emotion, and so does nostalgia.

Rose said...

I think we get enough "harder edge" in real life. It's nice to read about more Mayberry like small towns.

I'm from a small town in Iowa where you knew everyone you went to school with, so I can relate to that.