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Hello from Gail Gaymer Martin at and belated Easter blessings.

Since I became a traditional writer, I never considered self-publishing.  Sadly, self-publishing had a bad name for so long, but as you know, today everyone looks at the option as a new possiblilty.

Untrained writers sometimes make a mistake and publish work that isn't ready for readers to enjoy. When I first began submitting, I sent my work to agents and editors  too soon and received nothing but rejections. Once I honed my craft, I knew what I had done wrong and learned a great lesson, Becoming the best writer a person can be is the only way to face the big world of publishing.

So to my surprise, now that I have over fifty novels written and fifty of them published, I face a new experience.  I now have my rights returned for eight of my old Barbour novellas and one of my novels. I can't bear to see them die a quiet death, and since they were published only in anthologies that many of my readers never purchased, I have made the decision to self-publish them through my agent. I'm thrilled to bring these good stories back to life next month.

Here's what you can look forward to.
Contemporary romance from Barbour's MACKINAC ISLAND

A chance meeting on romantic Mackinac Island brings together a struggling young woman working at the Grand Hotel on a college internship and a helpful young man, the son of a wealthy physician who has a summer home on the island. Alison feels unworthy to pursue a friendship with someone whose life is so different from her own, but Jacob doesn't let her resistance stand in his way. Will Alison follow God’s leading and learn that being worthy has nothing to do with money or stature?

 Contemporary novella from Barbour's HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

Ken Richmond, a widower, is left to raise his young disabled son. Separated from his three sisters at age six and raised by an aunt, Ken longs to find his missing siblings and is determined to give his son a home filled with unconditional love. Ken believes his purpose in life is to be needed. Though he is drawn to capable and independent Julie Gardner, he knows there is no hope for a relationship. She doesn’t need him. Or does she?

I hope these novellas catch your interest, and I’ll let you know the status on my website in April. Also look for announcements on Twitter and Facebook. Drop by my set just to look around. You'll find Gail's Kitchen packed with great recipes and Writing Fiction post is you're a writer. . .and naturally my novels and other books too.  If you leave a comment from any of the blogs or contact, you will be in a drawing in May for a free autographed novel. This occurs every two months.

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