Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sorry I'm late...

Jenna Mindel here, wondering if you've ever had one of those days? 
I totally forgot about today's blog for which I humbly apologize.   
I'm still sniffle-ridden from sending our beautiful puppies onto their wonderful new homes this past weekend - even though we kept one, our Wallie-girl.  And I'm three shades of inadequate blue over my current work in progress that's due next month.  
Will I ever feel like a real writer?

Funny how one down-and-out feeling looks for company.   Does this stuff come in threes?   On my way to my afternoon job, I found my self praying without a clear prayer - more like pitiful utterances.  I mean really, who am I to complain when I've so much to be thankful for?

Even funnier are the things I reach for to make me feel better.  A stiff cup of coffee and a girl scout cookie.  Thank God they were delivered today!  A definite bright spot.   Just like the picture of our puppies below.

What helps pull you out of the blues?

Our beautiful puppies

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