Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leigh Bale Blogs About Spring

Spring is trying to get here, folks. Here in Northern Nevada where I live, our weather waffles back and forth between blinding snow storms and wind gusts up to eighty mph on Monday, and then wham! Tuesday, we get several days that reach temperatures up in the sixties. I’ve lived here for twenty-eight years now, and the weather is always the same. Freezing snow we have to shovel out of our driveway, then tomorrow it’ll be in the sixties and every bit of snow melts off. And every February, the bleeding hearts, tulips and daffodils start to poke their heads up. I keep telling them to tuck back down or they’ll get their heads frozen off, but they never listen to me. Here’s a picture of my tulips coming up. They’ll be bright yellow and always lighten my heart to see this manifestation of Spring. (Have I mentioned that I hate winter?) Is Nevada the only place that has back and forth weather like this? What about where you live? In the meantime, stay warm. Especially you Easterners who are getting snowstorm upon snowstorm without reprieve. We’ve had that kind of weather here in Nevada before and you have my sympathy.

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