Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parenting parents

Hi everyone, Pat Davids here. I've got to put this post up then I have to head out of town. My parents (aren't they the cutest couple) live two hours away on the farm. I love going to the farm. I grew up there and each time I set foot on the place I'm surrounded with wonderful memories. What I don't like is seeing how frail my parents are becoming. Don't get me wrong, they live very independent lives. They may be 80 but they both still drive and enjoy going out with friends, but the truth is, they just need more help these days.

The big farmhouse is too much for my mother to keep up with. My daughter and I get up at least twice a month between us to clean house. My sister-in-law helps too.

My mother has fallen several times this year. When she told her doctor, he said it time they started looking at assisted living. My mom said, "We've talked about that."

As we left the office, she looked at me and said, "I'd really like to go looking for new kitchen flooring. Can you come with me?"

Now does that sound like someone who is thinking about moving out of the big old rambling farmhouse? Not!

So today I'm on my way to take Mom shopping for new flooring. We will not be looking at assisted living facilities.

When is the time right to make that move? I wish I knew.

Oh, well. I need new flooring too. We should have a fun day.

Is anyone else helping parent a parent? How do you approach the subject of moving to a smaller, safer place? I could use some suggestions. Thanks. I'll check back for replies when I get back later tonight. Blessings everyone.

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