Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Pitfalls

Leann Harris here. I"ll admit have a weakness for flowers (as you can see on my website). I grow, cut them, and go crazy in January when I go to the craft store and they have their Spring flowers. My problem is I just don't go in there once. I wander in see something, buy it, then when I get home start thinking the other flowers or vases that I saw and would look lovely in my office or the living room, or bathroom. Walk into a room in my house and you'll find flowers and plants, real and artificial.

It's a weakness. The safest way to deal with it is don't walk into the craft store. Of course, when Brecks or Dutch Gardens send me their catalogs, it's tough. I'm good with other stores--department, shoe, sports, but it's those flowers that do me in.
Maybe I could start the flowers anonymous group.
What's your weakness?
P.S. If I go to the garden shop in Lowes or Home Depot, I'm sunk. I've run out of room in my garden. I've got Iris out the wazoo, if anyone wants some.

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