Friday, May 6, 2011

In case you missed this Collection of Mother's Day Smiles

Here are a list of links to take you to fun family memories, shared this week by Love Inspired Authors, Leann Harris, Lenora Worth, Missy Tippens, Janet Tronstad, Jillian Hart, readers and I posted them all in honor of our mothers and for Mother's Day.

First off on the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog, Leann Harris recalls some mom bad hair day memories

Then on the Craftie Ladies of Suspense blog, Lenora Worth ponders "Does Motherhood Lead to Danger and Suspense?"

Over at, Missy Tippens, Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstad share humorous family stories also with my Grandma Fastbinder’s Naughty Love Affair with Limburger Cheese.

And finally on my own blog, I relate a story on my son, titled "Death by Painting."

If you missed these and need a smile, click and read. You'll be glad you did!

BTW, I'm hosting my third annual MEGA MAY on my blog all month. At the end of the month anyone leaving a comment will be entered into a drawing for a HUGE gift basket of books. So drop by "Strong Women, Brave Stories" and leave a comment. You might win!


Lyn Cote said...

Hope you enjoy these!

Lyn Cote said...

Glad to share.

kristy said...

Will have to check them