Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Inspiration from Gail Gaymer Martin

Welcome to my world.  Being from Michigan, I find weather an adventure, and when I'm trying to work on a novel--especially one set in the spring of the year--the inspiration is appreciated. We've looked too long at snow, cold temperatures, and rain. But the Lord smiled down on us, and spring arrived just in time to inspire me for a new novel proposal set in Holland, Michigan around the time of their renown Tulip Festival.

One thing that inspires me is the magnolia tree outside my office window. The large pink and white blooms take my breath away and I enjoy seeing the many birds who perch on the branches -- cardinals, robins, sparrows, and others -- and listneing to them sing and even tap on my window sill.

I realized the other day that I often set novel openings during the spring. I suppose it's because spring inspires a blossoming romance.

My November release will be different, however, opening in autumn close to Christmas since this will be a Christmas 2-in-1 with Brenda Minton. My short novel, Small Town Christmas will be in the duet book, Christmas Gifts.  I hope you enjoy the autumn/winter setting.

But before the November release, I hope you look for the second book in the Dreams Come True series, A Family of Their Own released in September. This book will be Kelsey's story followed next spring by Ava's story. This will be the third and final book in the series which I've called A Dream Of His Own. (That title could change.)

As I said, welcome to my world and my spring garden. I've been busy planting flowers while trying to write, but it's spring and I'm inspired.  And note I have a great bargain at my house.  Read the little sign in the photo. :  )

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