Thursday, May 5, 2011

Belated Easter Greetings

Hi, all! Charlotte Carter here. Yes, I know Easter has passed and we’re working up to Memorial Day. Even so, I wanted to share a special Easter tradition with you.

My daughter and her family are active members of Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills, CA. This church produces an incredible Easter program each year — Pageant of Our Lord. (It’s much like Pageant of the Masters produced in Laguna Beach but with a Biblical message.)

Accompanied by a talented orchestra and superb choir, life-size master paintings and sculptures are revealed on the stage. The catch is that the characters in the painting or sculpture are REAL people. With special lighting and appropriate body makeup, it’s impossible to tell which part of a painting is a ‘real’ person and which is not. The characters are so still, they don’t even breathe.

This year my daughter directed portions of the show and her husband and oldest son were characters on stage for an incredible SEVENTEEN performances over the course of three weeks.

The church doesn’t allow photography of the show, but there is a video of the 2010 performance I think you will enjoy:

The depiction of the Lord’s Supper is the highlight of the program.

What special Easter activity do you enjoy at your church?

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Rachel said...

Just watched the video. That was so cool! Those are some good performers and there was really good music. That would be so fun to see.

Char.... said...

Thanks Jackie, Maryrose and Rachel. Covenant Church is huge; I think their membership is 2,000, so they have many talented people to call on. I suspect in the orchestra they use a few 'ringers' - paid musicians who aren't members of the church. Still, it's an incredible event. 350 people are involved in producing the show.

Happy reading...Char......