Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strong Women

My newest Love Inspired Suspense called Protecting Her Own is the second in Guardians, Inc. series. I have gotten a lot of mail from readers who are enjoying the series which portrays strong women in situations where they are the protector. But each one has her problems, too. Cara can't forgive her father for trying to control her life and yet so much of her life she spent trying to prove herself to him. It takes her coming home to take care of him after he had a stroke to discover some truths that she had been fighting for years. As she tries to keep him alive, their relationship changes.

Cara is a strong woman. She can protect herself in many dangerous situations, but when it comes to the matters of the heart she flounders. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. That is what is interesting when I develop a character for a story--trying to show both of those sides to a character.

It is also interesting when you take a good hard look at yourself. One of my weaknesses is my learning disability. I didn't start talking about that to others until I was much older. I spent my earlier years trying to hide it from others. When I started teaching high school students with learning disabilities, I wouldn't let them get away with giving up. I told them about my struggles to learn to read in elementary school. I didn't give up and did go on to college to become a teacher (even earned my masters). The road isn't easy but it is possible for them if they have the determination. I also knew personally things they could do to compensate for their weak area. I have to every day, even now.

So when you look at a person you think is strong, remember that person has weaknesses like everyone else. We are all humans with strengths and weaknesses. It is what we do with them that makes a person thinks someone is strong or weak.

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