Monday, May 16, 2011

The Outer Banks Series

Hi, from Sandra Robbins. The last time I blogged I told you about my trip two years ago to Ocracoke Island that resulted in my writing a book set on the island. This small piece of land, twenty-five miles off the coast of North Carolina, seemed the perfect place to set a book. I was thrilled when it was contracted by Love Inspired Suspense.

Dangerous Reunion is set to release in July, and I’m already getting excited. The book tells the story of Kate Michaels, a deputy sheriff on the small island. Kate is happy with her job and taking care of her two sisters until Brock Gentry, the man who broke their engagement six years before, shows up on the island. Brock, a police detective in Nashville, has sought sanctuary on Ocracoke after being torn apart by a case. But there is a killer on the island, and he has targeted Kate. When she turns to Brock for help, they discover their reunion is more dangerous than either could have ever believed.

After writing Kate and Brock’s story, I knew there were other stories from Ocracoke to be told. It wasn’t long before I was busy creating the story of Kate’s long-lost brother Scott who joins his sisters on Ocracoke. Shattered Identity releases in February, 2012, and tells the story of Scott and Lisa Wade as they try to unravel a mystery that has been buried on the island for twenty-five years.

The third book in the series, Fatal Disclosure, will follow later in 2012. Betsy Michaels, Kate and Scott’s younger sister, is the heroine who can’t believe her life is in danger from smugglers on the island. The handsome undercover DEA agent Mark Webber is determined no harm will come to Betsy as he brings down a drug ring responsible for his partner’s death.

The characters and their stories have become so real to me as I’ve written these books. As I write about the island lighthouse or recall the stories told about Blackbeard the Pirate’s death just off shore, I find myself reliving the time I spent there. Thoughts of the gnarled oaks and the quiet streets of the village make me wish I could return for another visit. I just might do that.

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