Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Things we Do for Love (or grandchildren)

Carolyne Aarsen

Ever since my children were little I wanted a play center for them. Something they could climb up and slide down and in general be busy enough with to let me get a few things done. But finances and time conspired against us and them and they had to content themselves with a large metal swing set my husband made out of leftover pipe stem. It worked and was used endlessly. That and the tractor tire sandbox. Then for awhile, the swings lay still until the grandchildren came. They love the swing set and can spend hours being pushed back and forth. But now we have a bit more money and a bit more time and, well, it's grandchildren, right? So off I go to our local Ag Center in the hamlet and order a play center. Then my husband and I spent an entire day putting it together. It got finished tonight after the grandchildren were in bed and tomorrow they can climb and slide and swing and play. And maybe I can get a few things done, though I doubt I will try. It's too much fun watching the grandchildren playing. Something else I didn't always have a lot of time to do when my children were little.

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