Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opening New Doors

Hi from Gail Gaymer Martin at

Authors have many opportunities to step through new doors that open as their career grows. Naturally, I love writing and am enjoying my new series, Dreams Come True. But writing isn't the only thing that keeps some writers busy.

Coming from a teaching and counseling background (I still maintain my counseling license), I have stepped through two new doors as an author. The picture above was taken in Dallas two weeks ago when I was on staff of American Christian Writers. On Friday I taught four continuing classes on Writing Christian Fiction. I had appointments with writers and delivered the banquet keynote address. On Saturday, I presented two other workshops, kept more appointments with authors, and delivered the plenary address before serving on the staff panel for the end of conference.

I enjoy presenting new ideas and techniques to budding writers and even experienced one. Learning never stops, and we all benefit from hearing about new ways to approach our novels.

But another door that I love is presenting keynote addresses at churches and ladies events. Last weekend I spoke in Washington, Michigan to a wonderful group of women for their annual breakfast retreat. My address was two fold: a humorous look at a writer's journey followed by the more serious topic, Spring Cleaning Your Heart and Mind, appropriate for the season.
During this event, I had a book table where I giveaway prayer pads, calendars, pens, and a copy of one of my children's short stories with a lesson that reflected the message in my talk along with other giveaways. I also offer my books for purchase and autographing. These wonderful ladies nearly wiped out my display of books. What a blessing to have time to talk to these woman who love to read.
Before I say goodbye for now, don't forget to look for Bride in Training in stores in mid-June and available to direct maill readers much sooner. It's the final story in the Man's Best Friend Series. If you love dogs and romance, you'll enjoy this book.


Debby Giusti said...

You're amazing, Gail!!! Such energy! Such talent!!!

Nicola said...

Hi Gail

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your Writing the Christian Romance book. It's incredibly helpful and truly inspiring. Thank you. :-)

God bless,

WK said...

Ohh sounds like a great time. I love author signings and such,I don't think the Churches in my area do anything like that though. Maybe it's something I should mention to me.

The book sounds great.


Ausjenny said...

Thanks for the insight into your life. It would be so great to go to some of the meetings etc but here in my town we dont have that much happening!

I have to say Im a cat person but your new book does sound interesting.

Anonymous said...

Groom in Training was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading Bride in training next!

Unknown said...


I look forward to attending a Christian writers conference someday. For now, my day job as a magazine editor keeps me in my office.
I have your book on writing the Christian romance and intent to use it in a new group I've started at my church for other writers. I figured that I if I couldn't go to a conference or a group, I'd hold one.
Our group is small, just five of us at the first meeting, but we are enthusiastic and willing to work to improve out craft.
If you can think of a workbook we could use as a companion to your book and the other resources, please share.