Monday, March 8, 2010

Four nominations; First win

Pamela Tracy here and hopefully the title took you to Oscar land. I did watch part of the Oscars last night. Not because I wanted to but because while I was in the shower the doorbell rang and company (not really, it was grandma and grandpa) came over. I don't think I've ever been someone who watched the Oscars, and the last few years, I truly have no need to watch. I don't get to the movies. The only one that won anything I'd seen was the movie Up. Yup, a cartoon, and even with it I only got to see maybe a half hour because my four-year-old got scared when there was a tornado followed by a dog-chasing scene. We had to leave the theator. But I digress.

Last night I watched the Oscars (with really wet hair) because hubby, grandma, and grandpa all wanted to. Mikey and I were hopelessly outvoted. And here's my take away. Everytime they announced the winner, they said something along the lines of "This is their eighth nomination and first win" or "This is their eighth nomination and third win."

I've always thought the acting business and the writing business were related. When I sold my first book, had their been an announcement, it would have sounded something like "This is her 32nd submission and first sale!" By the way, I'm not making up the number 32.

Once you've made that first sale, it doesn't end. With each book, there's always the Oscar hope (RITA, really) and the Razzie worry (A one! I got a one from RT!)

My biggest complaint (sigh) is no matter where I fall, I'll never be a size three in a dress made just for me. hehehe

So, what would your nod say? Fill in the blank. "This is her _____ submission and first sale!"


adge said...
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Pamela Tracy said...

And, arg, I haven't seen the movie. My favorite with her is While You Were Sleeping. How about you?

Project Journal said...

Hey Pam!
I watched the Oscars...for some reason we (my sister and I) really wanted to this year. I don't know if I was surprised by Sandra winning or not. I do agree with adge that after all this time I'm surprised she hasn't won one yet. Anyway, I was disappointed that The Hurt Locker won (no, I haven't seen it), but was definitely NOT disappointed by the fact that a woman finally won for Best Director : )

I can't fill out your nominations, win thing yet! Lol...but I could do it for scholarships and keep track in a way *grin* So far I've sent in 10 and recieved 1! That's the only one that has reached a decision yet though, so no news is good news in this situation.

Great post, Pam!!

adge said...

My two favorites are Hope Floats and Miss Congeniality.

Pamela Tracy said...

I cannot believe I forgot Hope Floats. I love that one. I like Miss Congeniality, but it's not one I watch over and over. I think I wanted more romance between her and Benjamin.

Camy Tang said...

This is how petty I am. I liked Miss Congeniality, but then I liked it even LESS when in Miss Congeniality 2 the Benjamin Bratt character dumped her, the slimeball! Yes, I am completely immature.

Pamela Tracy said...

See, the romance was never developed in Miss Congeniality One, which is why Benjamin missed out on story arch and black moment. The romance was doomed due to under writing!