Friday, March 5, 2010

Coming March 16th -- Kansas Courtship By Victoria Bylin

Kansas Courtship comes out on Tuesday, March 16th. This is the third book in the Love Inspired Historical series called “After the Storm.” It's about a Kansas town recovering from a tornado in 1860. I had a blast working with Valerie Hansen and Renee Ryan. Val wrote High Plains Bride (Book #1) and Renee did Heartland Wedding (Book #2).

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Rising Storm . . .
Town founder Zeb Garrison is finally getting his wish--a qualified physician is coming to High Plains. Yet when Dr. N. Mitchell turns out to be the very pretty Nora Mitchell, Zeb is furious. The storm-torn town needs a doctor, but Zeb needs someone he can trust--not another woman who's deceived him. If Nora's going to change his mind, she'll have to work fast. All she has is a one-month trial to prove her worth . . . to High Plains and to Zeb.

I’m getting a lot of nice email from Book Club readers who’ve already received copies. Just about everyone agrees that lady doctors make great heroines. It took courage to work in a profession dominated by men and faith to travel west. Dr. Nora Mitchell has those traits.

So does the Zeb Garrison, the mill owner who founded the town. Researching his profession turned into a “date day” for my husband and me. We went to Colvin Mill, a working historic grist mill in northern Virginia. We got to see the millworks in action. It was amazing! We listened to the rush of the water in the traces, the clack of the gears and the whoosh of the millstones. We felt as if we’d stepped back in time.

I hope readers have that feeling with Kansas Courtship. One of the joys of writing for Love Inspired Historicals is taking the journey while enjoying a heartfelt romance. Enjoy!


Victoria Bylin said...

Hi Trinity Rose, Thank you for the kind words for Love Inspired. It's a wonderful line, isn't it?

Victoria Bylin said...

Hi Patty! That explains it. My ears *were* ringing a bit . . . I thought it was from listening to loud music :) Laurie Alice is one talented lady.

I hope you enjoy Kansas Courtship. I had blast writing it. Lady doctors make great heroines.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic, I can't wait to read it! It's just so wonderful. Thank you for writing.