Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Merrillee here, who is consumed with thinking about the weather. I live in "sunny" Florida, and so far our winter has been anything but sunny. Today I'm looking at another cloudy, gloomy day. I will have to admit that most of yesterday was sunny--one of the few I've seen this year.

When I was a kid we always used to say if March came in like a lamb, it would go out like a lion. Well, it came in like a lamb, so I'm wondering whether the end of March will go out like a lion with some not-so-nice weather. This time of year our temperatures should be near 70 degrees for a high, but we are hovering in the 50's. I like to walk outside, but I'm a fair weather walker. I hate to be cold on the outside and too hot underneath all my clothes.

We recently took a vacation to Arizona to see our daughter and her family. We thought we were going to enjoy some warm Arizona sun. NOT. Instead, we took our cloudy, gloomy Florida weather with us. We went to visit the Sonora Desert Museum, and I was almost too cold to enjoy it. Here are a few photos that I took.

Notice those big, black rain clouds in the background.

I wonder whether the mountain lion is wishing for a more sunny day. He has great camouflage, doesn't he?

Here are a couple of coyotes. I wonder what they do when it rains. At least the mountain lion has a cave for cover.

Despite the cold weather and the rain, I also saw this bright sign.

I hope, despite the dark clouds, that you can see the rainbow. It reminded me that God keeps his promises. No matter what is going on around us God is in charge. He brings the rain even to the desert. He also gave me a granddaughter who brings a smile to my face. Looking at her makes me forget all about the cloudy weather.

Despite bad weather, what makes you smile?


Stephanie Newton said...

Great pictures, Merrilee! The best is that adorable granddaughter!!:)


Merrillee said...

Thanks. I'm prejudice, but I think she's adorable, too.

Maria said...

Your granddaughter is so cute! Her outfit is adorable.
What makes me smile even in bad weather is my dog being goofy! And... when my husband comes home from work with a smile just for me!


Maria said...

This is Maria again. I forgot to put my blog.


Merrillee said...

Pets can make us smile. I have a big cat who likes to curl up on my desk while I write.