Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thoughts of Spring

by Debby Giusti

Daffodils are blooming in my garden, and the sun is shining today. The weatherman predicts heavy rain and dropping temperatures in the afternoon, but this morning feels like spring. After a cold winter, the first warm days renew me and fill me with the promise of a new beginning. The worst of winter has passed, and the world is preparing to be reborn in glory.

Once again, I am reminded of Christ's message of salvation, which will be celebrated anew on Easter. That Paschal Mystery of birth, death and resurrection is as much a part of life as winter moving into spring. I must plant seeds to see them grow tall. I must be pruned in order to grow strong. I must look for the good that comes from every situation, no matter how difficult. In my writing life, I must begin anew with each manuscript, pulling together bits and pieces from my world to create characters that blossom into fully developed heroes, hopefully worthy of my readers' interest.

Today, I'm giving thanks for sunshine and flowers, for the words that fill my mind and beg to be written and, most especially, for a God who loves us all.

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Debby Giusti

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Janet Dean said...

What an inspiring post, Debby! Being pruned isn't fun, but thanks for the reminder that through difficult times we learn to cling to God and His precious promise to bring good from bad.

God bless,

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for contacting me earlier!!! Hope you're enjoying good weather and blooming daffodils. The expected rain hasn't hit yet, but I picked flowers and brought them inside, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Oh, spring, it is such a wonderful time. The smell and feel of spring just lightens everyone's spirits. If only it hadn't been snowing, what a pity.

Cindy W. said...

Oh, Spring, where art thou? My winter has been difficult in season and in life. Thanks for the post.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy Woolard


Megan said...

What an amazing Creator and Sustainer we have. With each season comes new beauties and new lessons! Thanks for the insights!
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