Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Playlist

Hi. I’m Renee Ryan and I’m here to blog again today. I decided to talk about what I’m doing this evening. You see, I received a little I-pod shuffle for Christmas but I’m only just getting around to making my playlist. What a fun, exciting, scary prospect. After all, these are songs I’m going to have to listen to over and over and over AND OVER again. These songs will represent who I am as a person. Well, okay, not really. Then again…sort of. I do believe there’s a direct corollary to who we are and what we fill our minds with.

So, here’s what I have on my list so far (in no particular order):

• Forgiven and Loved by Jimmy Needham (a new favorite artist – he’s FANTASTIC!)
• The Change by Steven Curtis Chapman
• Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
• Everything by Michael Buble
• Where Are You Going by The Dave Matthews Band
• Every Breath You Take by the Police
• The Motions by Matthew West
• Revelation by Third Day
• Feeling That Way/Anytime That You Want Me by Journey
• Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire
• Crash (Into Me) By The Dave Matthews Band
• I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin
• The Jackson Five – Can You Feel It by The Jackson Five
• Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
• Follow You Down by The Gin Blossoms
• Lost by Michael Buble
• Hey Jealousy by The Gin Blossoms
• Wheel in the Sky by Journey
• Lights by Journey
• Lady by Styx
• Roll With the Changes by REO Speedwagon
• Give Me Back My Bullets by Lynard Skynard
• Burning Down the House by The Talking Heads
• London Calling by The Clash

Okay, so that’s my starter list. As you can see, it’s an eclectic mix. Any suggestions???


Winter said...

I got one for my birthday. I have several movie soundtracks to fit with my current WIP's. I love soundtracks because the words don't distract me from my writing, cause I like to sing along.

3 top favorite soundtracks I have are:

Dances with Wolves, The Patriot, and Far and Away.

Renee said...

Your list sounds like what might be found on mine. I'm loving Needham. I think I would have some Michael Buble, and a few other blues artists.

Very much looking forward to your book. I really enjoyed Valerie's. What a way to keep the reader coming back for the next. :)

Renee said...

Oh, I think I'd want some Third Day, Francesca Battistelli, Kutlass, and Switchfoot.

Battistelli is more like Needham and not like the rockers.

Camy Tang said...

Renee, I love Broadway songs but when I write, I tend to gravitate toward Christian artists. I listened to Matthew West's album over and over again while writing my last book!

Project Journal said...

If you like Michael Buble (whom I LOVE, by the way!), you should try Benton Paul. He's a little bit of a different sound. Not quite blues, but he's....ummm....really good! Lol! You might also like David Archuleta, Joshua Radin, and Ingrid Michaelson. Not sure, just a couple people that I really love to listen to when I'm taking my tests at school : )

Have you listened to Michael Buble's new CD? It's so good!! My sis and I sang Everything as a dedication from our Dad to our Stepmom at their wedding last October : )

Renee Ryan said...

All great suggestions. I just bought the Glee soundtrack. It's Fabulicious!


Renee Ryan said...

Winter...I didn't think about the Dances with Wolves option. Good suggestion

Renee...I hope you enjoy Heartland Wedding. It was a blast working with Valerie and Vicki.

Camy...i'm a big sucker for Broadway tunes too!

Project Journal...I'm going to go check out that Benton guy right now. Thanks for the suggestion!


Stephanie Newton said...


adge said...
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Project Journal said...

If you like Benton, you need to promise me to look up David. He was runner up 3 seasons ago on American Idol and the boy can sing! We love him in our house : ) My sis and I would date him in a heartbeat, either of us! Lol!

I think you might like Benton....he's got such a pure voice. He's from France. Sings some french, but mostly english.
Lemme know what you think!

Unknown said...

Oh, you definitely need to listen to Il Divo. Their music is just beautiful. Three classicly trained and one pop singer, all from different countries, the way their voices blend is amazing. One of their songs "Mama" brings me to tears as I remember losing my mother.