Thursday, January 14, 2010

Groom In Training - by Gail Gaymer Martin

When an author sets upon the task of writing a series, so many things come to mind. First she wants a thread that holds the stories together, then plots filled with emotion and some humor, and always with Christian fiction, elements that touch the reader's faith. I hope I succeeded in doing just that with the three novels--each independent stories but with a connected thread of three women involved in a shelter for dogs.

Groom In Training is the second novel in the series and can stand alone or be enjoyed as part of the series. This story is about Steph, Molly's best friend, who runs a doggie day care in the back of the shelter. She is not a believer though Mollly has shared her faith openly, but with loving persistence, the Lord finds a crack in our armor and works his will on us as He does with Steph. And along with God's plan, love arrives on Steph's doorstep.

As happens,I submitted the first two novels with titles that weren't used. The first novel, Teacher's Pet became Dad In Training and was Mollly's story. The second, A Path Home, became Groom In Training. Obviously at this point, the title of the final book becames clear. I named it Bride In Training, and guess what? They kept the title. This will be Emily's story, a part-time employee at the shelter as well as a dog walker and sitter, who struggles with past sins that nearly ruin her life.

This series was written in memory of our daughter Brenda who died nearly 3-1/2 years ago from ovarian cancer at age 37. She provided obedience training for dogs, fostered many abused and abandoned dogs, and finally adopted two border collies (the kind of dog pictured above) who participated in flyball and agility. Brenda would have loved these novels.

By the way, Groom In Training should hit the stores about January 21, and I also want to send out a disclaimer. In this book, Fred (the border collie) is wearing a white bow tie for the outdoor wedding. The Christmas bow was the idea of the artist and marketing department. I did grumble but you see where grumbling got me. (grinning).

Friends, Four-legged Friends and Love

A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright, finds comfort in her adorable Border Collie, Fred. When Fred becomes enamored with the neighbor's pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets Nick. With a broken engagement and a busy job, Nick isn't open to love and romance. But when Nick steps in to defend Steph, long talks ensue during dog walking, and both begin to learn that God has plans for each of them, especially Steph who sees some unexpected "groom-in-training" going on.

Endorsements from readers:
Had a hard time putting this book down. I highly recommend Groom In Training, and look forward to reading more from Gail Gaymer Martin.
Rikki Lee Howland, Reader

A delightful story of two hearts discovering where they belong.
Jo Huddleston, Reader

Groom in Training can be purchased at Walmart, KMart, Target, some grocery stores and, as always, good bookstores everywhere between January 22 and February 22. Otherwise they are still available at on-line bookstores.


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Ahhh, I have this book on my pile to read. Can't wait! Heidi

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Sounds like a good book! I'll have to check it out!