Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why the popularity of Amish books?

Patricia Davids here.

Why the popularity of Amish books?

My advance copies of my March release arrived yesterday. Katie’s Redemption is the first book in my new Brides of Amish Country series. It wasn’t until I started doing research for these books that I realized how popular Amish stories had become. Why is that? What is it about that culture that intrigues people?

I will admit the research is fascinating. I had no idea there were such differences among Amish churches. Some don’t allow indoor toilets while some allow members to own automobiles. That’s quite a difference in attitude. For some, cell phones are okay, but land lines are not, or the phone can only be in the barn or in a shack to be shared with other families.

My favorite story was about a busload of tourists who asked an Amish man what it meant to be Amish. He asked who had a TV in their homes. Every hand went up. He asked who thought their families spent too much time watching TV and that it was bad for them. Every hand went up. He then asked, who was going to go home and get rid of their TV. No one held up their hand. He said, that what it was to be Amish.

I get it. To see that a thing is bad and say no, we will not allow it. That’s a hard thing to sell in modern America where every freedom must be protected.

Why do you think Amish stories are gaining popularity? Because the Amish are devout? Because they are quaint? Or because we all long for a simpler time when home and family was the focus of our lives?


Camy Tang said...

GREAT story, Pat! That really hit me today, especially since I've been thinking lately about simplifying my life more. I'm sure readers will LOVE your new book!

Sheila Deeth said...

Interesting story. Makes you wonder about freedom and excess.

Project Journal said...

Sorry for being late. I'm not really sure the answer to your questions. I mean when I heard you had this coming out, I wanted to read it, I'm guilty of it too! Lol...

My family spent time with an Amish family one summer and it was fascinating! I don't know why they intrigue us so much though because what they are doing is within reach for EVERYONE.

So, I'm not sure...

The book sounds great!!

Pat Davids said...

I agree that what the Amish do is within reach of most everyone. I think the draw is that we admire strength and it takes great spirital strength to hold fast to their religion is the face of so much temptation.

Project Journal said...

Very true. It gets me how wishy-washy Americans tend to be : )